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A few highlights from our week

Our first week of 2023 was terrific! The students settled into their routines, and Morah Yaffa helped me settle into my Grade One routine. It is a joy to teach these children everyday.

In Math, we worked on measuring with our footprints, strings, and rulers.  We measured all kinds of objects in the class. We also took time to make sure we worked on our addition facts.



Pyjama Day was lots of fun. We liked finding Moreh Saar watering the plants in his special Chanukah pj’s first thing in the morning. Maybe teachers do sleep at school?

Library Time with Brigitte was extra special because our stuffies came with us for storytime. Brigitte read a funny book. She was impressed with all the good manners shown by students and stuffies.

Both classes had fun watching Sing for our special movie day redo. The popcorn snack was delicious!



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