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Friday Features!

Chanukah is almost here!! We can feel it in the air!

Here are some things we have been doing !

In math we have been working on different graphing activities for our math Unit on Data Management. We conducted a survey for our favourite Chanukah Treats. We are working on a booklet using 3 different types of graphs. Bar Graphs, Pictographs, and Tallie marks. We are looking forward to seeing how your family likes their Latkes, when our homework is returned on  Tuesday.


Fun in the Snow!



Upcoming Activities for next week!

Tuesday :      Live Virtual Magic Chemistry Show (Hosted by Carleton University)

Bingo Homework board Due back

Chanukah Family Night Celebration

Wednesday: Reading Buddies

Thursday:     Grade One will be making Latkes!

Bring a game to school Day!  (One that you are OK with)

Friday:           Pyjama Day! Fun Friday!!



One thought on “Friday Features!

  1. Dear Morah Yaffa,

    I love reading about all the amazing things that are happening in Grade One. It looks like the students are having lots of fun learning.

    Keep on Blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett 🙂

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