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January News

A few things to remember:

This Friday is Dress Down Day !

Please return your Winter Snow Day Permission slips if you haven’t done so yet.


Always great seeing our Reading Buddies! Some of us chose books from our new Science Reading Bin “All About Energy”

Singing and learning in Hebrew Outdoors with Moreh Saar!

Welcome Back Maia! Such excitement in our class as we welcomed back Maia from her family visit to Peru!

A Busy week of measurement in 1A. Take a look at us using both standard measurement (rulers) and non standard units(unifix cubes and popsicle sticks) in and around our classroom!

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Where did my flag go?!

As a part of our morning routine, we take notes about the weather, debating whether it’s rainy, sunny, cloudy, etc. outside… One of the different weather conditions we talk about is windy (רוח). Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago, a big storm tore away the flag from one of the businesses situated across the 417, leaving us completely lost when it comes to determining the level of wind outside.

That is why the first grade decided to spring into action and use their hard earned vocabulary into use. We sat down and wrote a stern, yet firm, letter to the Customs and Immigration Union (look it up, this is the real deal), asking them to bring their flag back. We also took the liberty of drawing some nice depictions of how the loss of the flag makes us feel, and these are some of the results:


Now we just have to hope that if they don’t bring the flag back for their own national pride, at the least they’ll do it for the children!

I hope that there will be updates to follow,



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French update

Salut Grade 1 Parents!

The last two weeks we have been talking about winter clothes and we have been doing different fun activities so that the children can remember the new vocabulary. It goes without saying that we regularly review previous words such as the colours, the numbers, the days etc.  Next  week we are learning the geometrical shapes. As far as reading is concerned, I follow their reading daily insisting on the correct pronunciation and the meaning of the words. In addition, I read with each one of them almost every day in order to boost their confidence. Since they are familiar with the books in Je lis, I started giving them simple  comprehension activities related to the stories so they get the chance to see, write and read the words again. Regarding the sounds, we have started exploring the complex ones like U, and OU and we will continue doing so because once they can recognise them, their reading will improve considerably. I strongly encourage you to go over the sheets they bring home when you have some free time, or even when you are out, and you see a sign in french ask them to identify any sound they know.  The great thing about Canada is that everything is written in both languages so even a simple walk to the supermarket can be a learning experience. Don’t forget that repetition is the mother of learning.


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A few highlights from our week

Our first week of 2023 was terrific! The students settled into their routines, and Morah Yaffa helped me settle into my Grade One routine. It is a joy to teach these children everyday.

In Math, we worked on measuring with our footprints, strings, and rulers.  We measured all kinds of objects in the class. We also took time to make sure we worked on our addition facts.



Pyjama Day was lots of fun. We liked finding Moreh Saar watering the plants in his special Chanukah pj’s first thing in the morning. Maybe teachers do sleep at school?

Library Time with Brigitte was extra special because our stuffies came with us for storytime. Brigitte read a funny book. She was impressed with all the good manners shown by students and stuffies.

Both classes had fun watching Sing for our special movie day redo. The popcorn snack was delicious!



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Pyjama Dress Down Day Tomorrow

This Friday, January 13th, we will be having our rescheduled Pyjama Dress Down Day!!  We will be collecting tzedakah and new pairs of pyjamas in support of the Pyjama Patrol.  The kids are welcome to wear their jammies to school and bring a stuffy if they would like. It will be a cozy and fun day in 1A.

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Chag Chanukah !

This week has been a beautiful week of Chanukah Celebrations and fun activities! Together with Moreh Saar we lit the candles each day at school.

On Wednesday, together with our Reading buddies in Grade 6 we made Edible Dreidels! They were so yummy! After we ate our dreidels, we read Chanukah stories together. We look forward to January for more fun with Our Reading Buddies. 

What would you do if you were trapped in a snow globe? Here’s what 1A would do!

Look at our delicious Latkes that we made! They were so yummy! While the teachers fried Latkes, the class enjoyed sharing and playing with their games from home for our Games Day!


Playing Backgammon with Moreh Saar was a popular choice for Games Day!

At this time I would like to say it has been a true joy and a pleasure to have taught your children! They made coming out of retirement and being back in the classroom a great place to be!  Thank you everyone, for being such a supportive group of parents. I’m so happy that Mrs. Bennett has healed so well and is ready to be back with the Grade 1 class.  I know how excited she is to be with your children. 

Have a safe ,happy and healthy Winter Break Everyone! 

Morah Yaffa




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French Update

Salut les parents!

What an exciting month December has been!!! We are all looking forward to observing different celebrations, and spending quality time with our loved ones. In class, we started our theme, Winter. The students got familiar with the new vocabulary through games, poems, songs, and writing activities. We keep working on our letters and sounds and I must admit that I am very happy with their recordings. The more they read and practice, the better they become. After the holidays, they will also do a comprehension activity linked to each story. That will help them understand the story and remember the vocabulary. In addition, we did some math activities in french learning plus, égale, and practicing the numbers. We also watched a show about the planets and the kids drew Space with the names of the different planets. Finally, we explored all the vocabulary associated with the celebration of Hanukkah and they did a word search, mazes, and decoding of sentences. bingo games and of course they sang beautifully in french during the school event.

And as if that was not enough, I decided to expose them to Greek mythology so I read to them the story of Dedalus and Icarus the famous engineers who constructed the wings to escape from the prison in Crete, but unfortunately, the latter did not follow the father`s advice and flew very close to the sun so his wings melted and he fell in the sea and died. They were so excited so along with the drama teacher we made the wings and the kids decorated them with feathers. Thank goodness they flew only in the classroom!
I wish you all happy and restful holidays!


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We tried so hard, and got so far….

In the end, it was all that really mattered!


Grade 1 has been working so hard on their Hebrew skills for almost four whole months now, last Monday they got to put  those skills to use in real life. We had our second meeting with a group of Israeli children who got to practice their English, while we practiced our Hebrew. We spoke about how old we are, what are our favourite sports and colours, what we like to eat and drink, it was a blast.

It was an amazing experience for the kids, who got to see how quickly they could use the Hebrew they know to express themselves in a coherent manner. Lastly, it was an amazing time for us Hebrew teachers, we got to see the fruits of our labour grow right in front of us. Trust me when I say, I’m one happy gardener…

From everyone in the grade 1 team.

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Friday Features!

Chanukah is almost here!! We can feel it in the air!

Here are some things we have been doing !

In math we have been working on different graphing activities for our math Unit on Data Management. We conducted a survey for our favourite Chanukah Treats. We are working on a booklet using 3 different types of graphs. Bar Graphs, Pictographs, and Tallie marks. We are looking forward to seeing how your family likes their Latkes, when our homework is returned on  Tuesday.


Fun in the Snow!



Upcoming Activities for next week!

Tuesday :      Live Virtual Magic Chemistry Show (Hosted by Carleton University)

Bingo Homework board Due back

Chanukah Family Night Celebration

Wednesday: Reading Buddies

Thursday:     Grade One will be making Latkes!

Bring a game to school Day!  (One that you are OK with)

Friday:           Pyjama Day! Fun Friday!!



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Wednesday News – Dec.7th

Here is our December Bingo Board. Use your paper copy to put your stickers on to the activities you do. Remember there are two must do’s for Chanukah!

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To conclude our science unit on seasonal changes  we completed a stem activity to create a den for an animal of our choice . Lots of design and planning went into the process and this project will be continued on Thursday.

The Planning


We worked with our Reading Buddies to create a flip grid 

on how we adapt to the winter! Check out our videos  !


Reminder that on Thursday at 8:45 our class will be visiting the Scholastic Book Fair. This is a great opportunity to purchase some great books and help support our school at the same time .

Happy Wednesday!