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The Three Little Pigs


1A had fun reading The Three Little Pigs recently. After reading the story, I challenged the class to build three solid houses that the big bad wolf couldn’t blow down. The requirements were that each group needed to make a straw house, a stick house, and a brick house. The students got excited and started to build. The Big Bad Wolf/Mrs. Bennett came calling.


I huffed and puffed, used a hair dryer, and made wind with a plastic top. As much as I huffed and puffed, I could not blow the houses down. All the structures were stable and standing: the children were so happy.     

The class wanted to write a new version of the Three Little Pigs. Listen to the children read their story of The Three Little Pigs.

Listen to the stories we wrote and recorded. We hope you enjoy them.

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For the Love of Reading

Instilling a love of reading will be our focus in 1A & 1B this month. In class, we will read Robert Munsch books galore as part of “March Munsch Madness” in Grade 1. We will vote for our favourite books as we read throughout the month. 1A and 1B have read  Mortimer, and I Have to Go. Both classes have chosen I Have to Go as their favourite book so far. I wonder which book will win?

Reading will also be the focus of our homework this month.  Homework will be a reading challenge BINGO board. Students are still working to get 4 in a row for a BINGO but this time all of the activities involve reading!

We want all the children reading as much as possible this month.

The more you read the more you learn.