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French Update

Bonsoir chers parents,

During this short week a lot of interesting things took place.The students continued to work on the colors and the fall vocabulary learning small poems and singing the songs. On Thursday, it was Global Maker Day so we had the chance to talk about recyclage(recycling), we watched 2 short films regarding the  topic and we created a poster with different color bins for the glass,metal,paper etc. 

L’eau c’est la vie | Ma petite planète chérie:

La poubelle magique | Ma petite planète chérie: 

Today,the weather was great so we went outside looking for colorful leaves,squirrels,pine cones,insects,snails,flowers etc,describing them and counting them.The kids had a lot of fun.We also practiced reading the syllable ra,ri,ry,ro,ar ir. Please check their bags everyday because I regularly send home work  we do in class so that they can color,read the words and revise them. I am also sending you the class code for Scholastic and the flyer.

                     Class Code:RC887726

Monday you will also receive the homework for the week.

A très bientôt

Shabbat Shalom!

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