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French Update

French Update

Hello Parents,

More than one month has gone by, and lots interesting and fun things have been happening in our french class. As you already saw, I sent home the booklets we created with the kids regarding the classroom vocabulary and some letters of the alphabet. Please practice reading the new words with them and the expressions (voici, vois). We also had our first quiz on this topic. We have started a new vocabulary topic (the fall), including the colours and numbers. We are also learning to sing 2 songs related to autumn (l’automne est là , and la valse de l’automne)

We watched a short film related to autumn ( and next week when the weather is nice, we will go out to collect leaves practicing our vocabulary. We will continue to learn new sounds mostly vowels so that the students can read the words. Next week I believe the accounts will be ready for Je lis as well.

I wish you all a relaxing holiday!

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