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We tried so hard, and got so far….

In the end, it was all that really mattered!


Grade 1 has been working so hard on their Hebrew skills for almost four whole months now, last Monday they got to put  those skills to use in real life. We had our second meeting with a group of Israeli children who got to practice their English, while we practiced our Hebrew. We spoke about how old we are, what are our favourite sports and colours, what we like to eat and drink, it was a blast.

It was an amazing experience for the kids, who got to see how quickly they could use the Hebrew they know to express themselves in a coherent manner. Lastly, it was an amazing time for us Hebrew teachers, we got to see the fruits of our labour grow right in front of us. Trust me when I say, I’m one happy gardener…

From everyone in the grade 1 team.

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Friday Features!

Chanukah is almost here!! We can feel it in the air!

Here are some things we have been doing !

In math we have been working on different graphing activities for our math Unit on Data Management. We conducted a survey for our favourite Chanukah Treats. We are working on a booklet using 3 different types of graphs. Bar Graphs, Pictographs, and Tallie marks. We are looking forward to seeing how your family likes their Latkes, when our homework is returned on  Tuesday.


Fun in the Snow!



Upcoming Activities for next week!

Tuesday :      Live Virtual Magic Chemistry Show (Hosted by Carleton University)

Bingo Homework board Due back

Chanukah Family Night Celebration

Wednesday: Reading Buddies

Thursday:     Grade One will be making Latkes!

Bring a game to school Day!  (One that you are OK with)

Friday:           Pyjama Day! Fun Friday!!



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Wednesday News!


This Friday will be our dance party for completing our Bingo Homework Board. The class did an amazing job on completing at least two rows for Bingo. Thank-you for supporting your child’s learning. On Friday, I will be sending a new Bingo board home for the month of December, as well as hard copies of the worksheets you will need.

Today, in the note tote you will find a Scholastic Book Fair Flyer. These are some of the books you can purchase. Our class will be going on Dec.8th, 8:45.  On this day  you can send money in an envelope (or a cheque saying how much to spend) and we will be taking the whole class. There are other items such as posters, pencils,erasers, etc. If you have any specific instructions on what you prefer your child to buy, send me an email or a note.


I have been sending small books home from Raz Kids. As they come back I add more. This allows for less screen time for those who prefer. I will start to add 2 books for each week to ensure there is enough practice for you. Just return the one you read at home.

Learning our vowel sounds are fun! Here we are playing a game called “SCOOT”, where 16 cards, missing the vowels are hidden around the class and in the halls and we have to find the cards and write the missing vowel on our paper.

In math we are using our whiteboards to represent the number 4 different ways.


We started our new Math Unit on Data Management. Here are our first two graphs showing what kind of shoes we wear, and our favourite colour Bingo Chips.

For this unit we will be learning how to conduct our own survey, how to make bar graphs, pictographs, and how to tally our answers. We will be sending home a special Chanukah Survey for the class to do at home on our Bingo Homework Board.

Today with our Reading Buddies we used our class Flipgrid to record how we adapt to the winter.  Here is our code again for you to watch and enjoy.

Happy Wednesday!


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New online classroom

Dear parents and students.
This week was interesting, and that’s down playing it, so many students were out feeling unwell that I felt something has to be done.

I’ve uploaded a new page to the kitah Alef blog, “Moreh Saar’s bitmoji classroom”. It offers many resources about things we do in class, daily routines, prayers, vocabulary, reading practices and games. I encourage you to let the students explore the different options and try out some of the different features, just to make sure they keep on practicing while they’re home.

Please note, it is not homework nor mandatory, just a little something to fill their day with Hebrew, Judaics & fun while they’re away.

I hope that next week I’ll be able to see the adorable faces I love so much,
Shabbat shalom,


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French Update

Salut les parents!

It`s finally winter and our kiddos aiment jouer avec la neige (love playing with the snow) Last week, we learned about the soft G (genou,germe etc) and the hard G (gorille,grenouille) They mastered the poem about the numbers and this week we are excited to start our new activities related to winter with more songs, poems, sentence building, stories, puzzles, etc. In addition, we worked on the expression J`AIME (I like) and they made booklets about themselves saying what color,food, and animal they like. They watched the story `Un elephant dans la ville` and they heard the song `On ecrit sur les murs` which they  adore! Thank you for your support with Je lis. I am very happy when I receive their recordings. This week, I am sending you 3 stories, the third one is optional.

Take care!
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French Update

Salut les parents,
Another exciting week full of learning and fun is over.  The students proudly recited the poem “Voici mon coquelicot” during the Remembrance Day ceremony on Friday.  Apart from that, they also learned the song ,”Mon beau coquelicot”.  We did different exercises where the students had to put the missing first letter of the word after hearing me say the word.  That exercise develops both their listening and writing skills.  In addition, I was reading different sentences to them with already familiar vocabulary and expressions, and they had to match them with the correct photo.  We also continued practicing our numbers and this week they need to learn another poem related to that.  Finally, we watched two stories in French, which they enjoyed a lot and afterwards they had to tell me what they liked the most and then draw it.
Here are the links for the stories and songs: (Mon joli coquelicot) (Le petit bout dans la chaussure)
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French Update

Salut les parents,

This week the students listened to a song about Jour de Souvenir( Remembrance Day), entitled, ‘Mon beau Coquelicot’, coloured a poppy and practiced reciting our poem, which they will proudly present next Friday during the ceremony. We continued practicing numbers this week adding the expression “Il y a” (there is / there are). With this new expression, they made examples about what can by found in their house, for example, “il y a trois ordinateurs noirs dans ma maison”, so as you can see, we are gradually making our sentences longer. They also separated French words related to autumn into syllables and placed them in the correct basket (see pictures below). In class we always focus on sound recognition and syllable reading using the French book Taoki. Every Friday, I check the homework so I was so happy with both their dedication and your support. Your effort is highly appreciated. Every time they bring home their work, I urge you to take a few minutes and go over it together. On Tuesday, you will find in their note totes their accounts for ‘Je Lis’where I have assigned 2 books for them to read and record.

A tout a l’heure!

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שנה טובה- Shana Tova

Wow! what a great start to our Kitah Alef this year!

We have already learned so much and the year has just begun. We are getting to know each other, both students and teachers, we are learning how to read in 3 languages, we are gaining new vocabulary every single day, we have our routines down packed and we are having lots of fun doing all this…

As you know, we also had some special guests visit our classroom last week…

We want to invite you to follow us here, on our blog to see photos and learn about what is happening in our classrooms throughout the year.

Please check out our back to school page above for information about our curriculum, homework, behaviour management, communication and more.

We wish you all a Shana Tova Umetuka and we are looking forward to this wonderful year together.