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January News

A few things to remember:

This Friday is Dress Down Day !

Please return your Winter Snow Day Permission slips if you haven’t done so yet.


Always great seeing our Reading Buddies! Some of us chose books from our new Science Reading Bin “All About Energy”

Singing and learning in Hebrew Outdoors with Moreh Saar!

Welcome Back Maia! Such excitement in our class as we welcomed back Maia from her family visit to Peru!

A Busy week of measurement in 1A. Take a look at us using both standard measurement (rulers) and non standard units(unifix cubes and popsicle sticks) in and around our classroom!

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Chag Chanukah !

This week has been a beautiful week of Chanukah Celebrations and fun activities! Together with Moreh Saar we lit the candles each day at school.

On Wednesday, together with our Reading buddies in Grade 6 we made Edible Dreidels! They were so yummy! After we ate our dreidels, we read Chanukah stories together. We look forward to January for more fun with Our Reading Buddies. 

What would you do if you were trapped in a snow globe? Here’s what 1A would do!

Look at our delicious Latkes that we made! They were so yummy! While the teachers fried Latkes, the class enjoyed sharing and playing with their games from home for our Games Day!


Playing Backgammon with Moreh Saar was a popular choice for Games Day!

At this time I would like to say it has been a true joy and a pleasure to have taught your children! They made coming out of retirement and being back in the classroom a great place to be!  Thank you everyone, for being such a supportive group of parents. I’m so happy that Mrs. Bennett has healed so well and is ready to be back with the Grade 1 class.  I know how excited she is to be with your children. 

Have a safe ,happy and healthy Winter Break Everyone! 

Morah Yaffa




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Friday Features!

Chanukah is almost here!! We can feel it in the air!

Here are some things we have been doing !

In math we have been working on different graphing activities for our math Unit on Data Management. We conducted a survey for our favourite Chanukah Treats. We are working on a booklet using 3 different types of graphs. Bar Graphs, Pictographs, and Tallie marks. We are looking forward to seeing how your family likes their Latkes, when our homework is returned on  Tuesday.


Fun in the Snow!



Upcoming Activities for next week!

Tuesday :      Live Virtual Magic Chemistry Show (Hosted by Carleton University)

Bingo Homework board Due back

Chanukah Family Night Celebration

Wednesday: Reading Buddies

Thursday:     Grade One will be making Latkes!

Bring a game to school Day!  (One that you are OK with)

Friday:           Pyjama Day! Fun Friday!!



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Wednesday News – Dec.7th

Here is our December Bingo Board. Use your paper copy to put your stickers on to the activities you do. Remember there are two must do’s for Chanukah!

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To conclude our science unit on seasonal changes  we completed a stem activity to create a den for an animal of our choice . Lots of design and planning went into the process and this project will be continued on Thursday.

The Planning


We worked with our Reading Buddies to create a flip grid 

on how we adapt to the winter! Check out our videos  !


Reminder that on Thursday at 8:45 our class will be visiting the Scholastic Book Fair. This is a great opportunity to purchase some great books and help support our school at the same time .

Happy Wednesday!














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Wednesday News!


This Friday will be our dance party for completing our Bingo Homework Board. The class did an amazing job on completing at least two rows for Bingo. Thank-you for supporting your child’s learning. On Friday, I will be sending a new Bingo board home for the month of December, as well as hard copies of the worksheets you will need.

Today, in the note tote you will find a Scholastic Book Fair Flyer. These are some of the books you can purchase. Our class will be going on Dec.8th, 8:45.  On this day  you can send money in an envelope (or a cheque saying how much to spend) and we will be taking the whole class. There are other items such as posters, pencils,erasers, etc. If you have any specific instructions on what you prefer your child to buy, send me an email or a note.


I have been sending small books home from Raz Kids. As they come back I add more. This allows for less screen time for those who prefer. I will start to add 2 books for each week to ensure there is enough practice for you. Just return the one you read at home.

Learning our vowel sounds are fun! Here we are playing a game called “SCOOT”, where 16 cards, missing the vowels are hidden around the class and in the halls and we have to find the cards and write the missing vowel on our paper.

In math we are using our whiteboards to represent the number 4 different ways.


We started our new Math Unit on Data Management. Here are our first two graphs showing what kind of shoes we wear, and our favourite colour Bingo Chips.

For this unit we will be learning how to conduct our own survey, how to make bar graphs, pictographs, and how to tally our answers. We will be sending home a special Chanukah Survey for the class to do at home on our Bingo Homework Board.

Today with our Reading Buddies we used our class Flipgrid to record how we adapt to the winter.  Here is our code again for you to watch and enjoy.

Happy Wednesday!


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Wednesday News!


Last week Miss Brigitte had a class on Digital Citizenship. After reading the book Unplugged the class participated in an activity discussing what being unplugged means.

In Social Studies we worked in groups to create 3 Posters for our responsibilities at School, at Home, and in the community. Collaboration to create each poster was an important part of the process.

The picture gallery above shows some of the different ways we learn how to read. They include Word Work Booklets at the reading table, using a Blending Board on the ipad to create new words, and relaxing while reading together during Hebrew class.

After reading our final book from the Global Read Aloud Last Stop on Market Place. we all decorated our own Gratitude Mug by adding Marshmallows to say what we were Grateful for. This makes a beautiful entry to our Grade one Classroom!

Just a reminder that tomorrow will be our dress-down day! All donations will be going to the Ottawa Humane Society!


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Our Week in Review

Just a glimpse into our very fun and busy week! Lots to see! A few special features. We had a special Google Meet with Miss Karissa’s parents. Her parents were in the military and the Grade 1s had lots of questions to ask them as we honour our Veteran’s on Remembrance Day. Today our class will be singing at the assembly. We had a special science unit on Aviation! Our class has shown a special interest in airplanes and flight. Nate taught us how to make a Paper Airplane in our Maker Space. We also built  planes with Lego and then flew the ones we made. This led us to learn about the Four Forces of flight.

Our Poppies for Peace Art

Shabbat Shalom!

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Lots of Happenings!

Our read aloud in class is a real hit . It’s called A  Boy called Bat by Elana K.Arnold. I’m not a book about a bat! Ask me to tell you what animal the story is about! I also know what his mom’s job is and what her responsibilities are.

This week our Global Read Aloud was called The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade . It’s a beautiful book if you’d like to read it again at home. This book’s theme is about Kindness and standing up for yourself. We followed it up with a Reading Response Activity.


In class we have been reading the Decodable Series Half Pint Kids .  We followed it up with a Word Work Booklet .Have a look at this site if you’re looking for more books to read . It’s a free reading website for this year. As well each week on Monday, you can return the book I’ve sent home and I will give you another one. Remember you can always read from Raz Kids from the reading room.

We have moved on to our new unit in Math on Addition and Subtraction . So far we have solved Math problems using Our Numberlines and Hundred Charts and counters .Learning how to write addition equations is a lot of fun on our Whiteboards!  Rolling the dice games are a great way to have fun while reinforcing our learning.


In science we discussed how different animals adapt to the upcoming winter season . Some migrate, some hibernate, and some animals just adapt. Stay tuned for our class Flipgrid as we share how we adapt to the winter. FYI.. Ive included a copy of the experiment we did.

Here is a Tutorial on how to use FlipGrid made by our very own Grade 3 Teacher Morah Lianna! Click on the Tutorial above here to learn how to use it.

Click on this Flipgrid for the class code.


You’re now ready to get another bingo on your Homework Board! Don’t worry if it takes you time to figure it out… you have the month:) We will continue to practice using FlipGrid in class as well.

Again Here is the link to get you to our 1A Flipgrid

Lastly, we have been learning a special song to sing at our school Assembly on Friday November 11 for Remembrance Day. It includes Sign Language and the class has asked to have it to practise at home so Here it is: Light a Candle for Peace

Shabbat Shalom

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Look at what we did!

Welcome to our Grade 1 Homework Board. Here is the link for it

Homework Bingo Board 

Everything you need to know and use is in the Homework Bag that was sent home today.

Here are some of the exciting things that happened in the past two weeks.

While learning about the seasons in Science, we conducted an experiment in the the Maker Space. We took the chlorophyll out of the green leaves. Ask me what happened?


We had our first reading Buddy visit! Here I am with my buddy

Global Maker Day was so much fun. We had such great inventions and ideas! Here is a class pic of what everyone made.

Shabbat Shalom